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Designed for Educator and Leader who want to continuously grow.

To register: check out the schedule below, each program has its own registration link in the last column. Click the link and register from there. You will also get the detailed course information in the registration link.

Course Date Status Info
Indonesia Edu Webinar: Volume 1
03 Oct 2020 open REGISTER
Indonesia Edu Webinar: Volume 2
16 Oct 2020 open REGISTER
GCE Level 1 Bootcamp
20 Nov 2020 open REGISTER
GCE Level 2 Bootcamp
28 Nov 2020 open REGISTER


We believe that birds of the same feathers flock together (a 16th-century European saying), and we need each other. Therefore, these communities are built to bring like-minded individuals together, to construct each other, and to inter-empower.

Reforming Generation, Transforming Nation

If you have the same beliefs and longing with us and want to be part of this movement, let’s collaborate.